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The Nintendo Comics System was a comic series published by Valiant Comics from 1990-91. It occassionally featured Metroid information or a story. While the comics are not canon in any way, many elements from them gave inspiration to later games and manga in the series. This includes the first depiction of a fight between Samus and another Bounty Hunter ('Big Time' Brannigan), the first reference to her having served with the Galactic Federation Police, the first consistent appearance of Samus as a blonde (Metroid colored her hair brown and green, as well as blonde), the earliest known depiction of SR388, the use of the name "Hunter" for Samus Aran's Gunship and what appears to be an early Zero Suit and Paralyzer.

Samus, Mother Brain, Ridley and Kraid were all in the spin-off Captain N: The Game Master comics.