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Nintendo Official Guide Book for Metroid Fusion.jpg

Nintendo Official Guide Book for Metroid Fusion is the official Japanese strategy guide for Metroid Fusion. It was released on April 10, 2003, two months after the game came out in Japan, and has 152 pages. Its content includes a small chronicle of the Metroid series up to that point.

The guide is especially notable for an enemy index page, which provides names for the Yameba, Gadora, Zozoro, Genesis, Geron, Samus Eater, Samus Eater Bud, Gold Sciser, and Aqua Zebesian creatures, none of which have official English names. The index refers to the fake tanks as a Mimic (ミミック?), and identifies the creatures infecting the atmospheric stabilizers as Geron (Air System) (ゲロン(空調システム)?). The index also confirms that Geemer, Geruta, and Yard are among the X-infected creatures in the game. Additionally, the guide (along with Metroid Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks) named Neo-Ridley, over a decade and a half before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate officially translated the name in Palutena's Guidance.

A promotional art piece of Samus in her Fusion Suit with the SA-X behind her is included in this guide; it was available exclusively in this book prior to the release of the Metroid Dread Report.


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