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The Nintendo Official Guide Book for Super Metroid (任天堂公式ガイドブックスーパーメトロイド― ガイド?), with the subtitle 2 hours and 59 minutes by Samus Aran (サムス・アランの2時間59分?), is the official Japanese strategy guide for Super Metroid. It is 96 pages long and was released in May 1994, about two months after the game's Japanese release date.

The guide contains a strategy walkthrough for the game, a biography of Samus Aran's early life (from the in-universe Second Office of Trentesse), storyboards of important sequences (such as the Metroid Theft Incident, the Etecoons in Hell, and the Final Conflict), an interview with the development team, and readings of Samus's dreams by fortune teller Ariadne Yuko.

Notably, the biography of Samus refers to her as an "outlaw" Bounty Hunter despite the implicit trust that the Galactic Federation (and the cosmos as a whole) has in her. The guide also contains information about Zebes, including its day and year cycle and the planet's density; whether this is consistent or not with the information provided via Zebes' Logbook entry in Metroid Prime is currently unknown.

Each developer interviewed was asked to reveal a secret of Samus that only they knew. Yasuhiko Fujii replied that the enemies have a few secrets, most likely hinting at a secret message that he programmed into the Evirs' movements. Yoshio Sakamoto revealed that Samus has a birthmark, which would not be rendered in-game until Metroid: Other M. One notable revelation included Samus originally being nude in the Game Over scene with a death scream provided by Minako Hamano; these were removed due to the voice sounding too sexual and Nintendo's policy against nudity in their games. Hirofumi Matsuoka's claim that Samus is a "newhalf" (a Japanese term for a transgender woman) in this interview led to a heated debate in 2015 about the sincerity of his statement.

This guidebook was never officially released in English. The interview and dream readings were translated by the Metroid Database in December 2010.

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