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The "Norfair entrance shaft" is the first room in Norfair in Super Metroid.


This room is a long vertical shaft that connects to multiple areas of Norfair, serving a similar purpose to the Main Shaft of "green Brinstar". It is first visited shortly before Samus fights Kraid, as the High Jump Boots are found a few rooms away from here. However, it is possible to skip the boots and reach Kraid without them.

The entire shaft consists of cavernous rock, with multiple ledges and midair platforms. Many of these have small stalactites on their undersides; unlike those of later 3D Metroid games, these are merely scenery and cannot be shot down. The platforms serve as a means for Samus to re-ascend the shaft should she drop or fall down. Many Sovas crawl along these platforms. At the very base of the shaft is a thin floor, which is actually made of Fake Blocks. They can be shot to reveal a secret under-shaft with a single midair platform, an extra Sova and two ledges, leading down to a door. While this can be accessed at any time during Samus's mission, its primary use is as a shortcut back up to the elevator after defeating Crocomire.

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