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The "Norfair main corridor" is a room in Norfair. It appears, with differences, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both games, this corridor is the first major room to the right once Samus descends into Norfair, and contains cloud-like midair platforms and no floor.

In Metroid, it is a long and straight corridor formed out of brown blocks and filled with dozens of cloud-like midair platforms. Parts of the ceiling also consist of purple bubble-like tiles. Many of these are crawling with Sovas. Further on in the room are several walls of blocks, also in midair, two of which consist of Fake Blocks. The entire floor is filled with lava, making the platforms the only safe method of crossing the room.

The room is significantly changed in Zero Mission, with much of the room now consisting of stone Chozo architecture. The cloud-like platforms are now concentrated mostly near the center of the room, and several zizagging walls have been installed. These partially consist of Boost Blocks, allowing Samus to Shinespark through them once she has the Speed Booster. Part of the floor past the walls is raised, and comprised of Fake Blocks, these can be shot to temporarily open the bridge, which is necessary for collecting an item (see below). Slopes on either side of the raised section enable Samus to perform multiple Shinesparks at once.

Connecting rooms[]



Zero Mission[]


Missile Tank (Zero Mission)
Requires Ice Beam. Samus must shoot enough blocks in the bridge above the pool of lava to allow a Squeept to jump out, then freeze it. She can then use it as a platform to reach a higher ledge, where the tank is found in a small alcove. Alternatively, the Turbo Bomb technique or the Space Jump can be used.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

048 TAKE THE CHOZO'S PATH (pg. 39)
"The Ice Beam is in the path to the right of the Brinstar-to-Norfair elevator shaft. The Power Grip will give you the ability to follow the path. Hop to the first high ledge in the area to the right of the save room and climb over the area's large zigzagging walls. On your way, use missiles to destroy the shot-spitting pods on the platforms."
060 missile tank (pg. 42)
"A Missile Tank sits on a high platform in the upper-right part of one of Norfair's largest rooms. Blast blocks to free a flying enemy below the floor, then freeze the beast and use it to reach the Missile Tank's ledge."
109 BOOST AND BREAK (pg. 52)
"After you arrive in Norfair, run through the save room and build your Speed Booster. When you reach the end of the ledge in the next room, kneel to stop then tap A and press Right to fly through the walls. Shoot the blue hatch as you go to enter the next corridor still charged."
"The large room that has wiggly walls is filled with blocks that break under the power of the Speed Booster. Starting at the right end of the corridor, run to the left and scream all the way to the left side. Jump before you reach the end of the runway to avoid falling into the lava."


  • In Victory Techniques for Metroid, Samus comes to this room in Norfair before finding Kraid, in order to collect enough power-ups to take him on. She encounters a Geruta for the first time and overconfidently steps on a Sova, then falls into the lava below. She remarks that it melted a small part of her Power Suit, and she should have been more careful, only to discover enemies (Squeepts) inside the lava as well. She uses one as a platform to get across the lava.
  • Should Samus try to get through this room without the Power Grip in Zero Mission, a Tangle Vine Fruit will appear in front of the exit. Because there are no Parasites in the room to devour the obstruction, it is impossible to get past, preventing a Sequence Break. The fruit automatically disappears once the Power Grip has been obtained.