North Jungle Court is a room in Bryyo Thorn Jungle in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is one of two in Thorn Jungle that contains an Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" turret. Near the entrance to this room is a cluster of Phazon Fungus. This turret sequence is very much like the one in South Jungle Court, however this time numerous Aerotroopers will guard the turret, and the clamp that would release the Fuel Gel tanks is blocked by a cylinder, which is locked by three clamps. These clamps can be disabled by pulling several levers around the room. When this is done, the clamps will release, and the cylinder will retract. All three Fuel Gel tanks will then come out, and Samus can destroy them. Aerotroopers are capable of reversing Samus' work, causing Samus to have to pull them again. If Samus pulls each lever without Aerotrooper reversal, she will gain a Friend Voucher for "Flawless Execution".

One of the clamps

Later, Samus can return here with the Ship Grapple Beam to pick up an Energy Generator attached to a Ship Grapple Point. Its removal will expose another hallway. This generator is later used in the Hidden Court to reveal Energy Cell 4.

This room also connects to Bryyo Cliffside in a way; as the Machineworks Bridge (which connects to this room) connects to Colossus Vista in Cliffside.

Connecting rooms[]



The destruction of the turret

Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" (online)
"Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" online. Operate the underside valve to open all of the ammunition chambers."
Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" (offline)
"Anti-Air Cannon "Tiamat" offline. Cannon is completely destroyed. Unit is beyond repair."
"Clamps are securing the ammunition release valve. Release clamps to expose ammo."
"Valve is used to manually open the cannon's ammunition chambers. Held in place by multiple clamps."
Energy Generator
"Energy generator can power large devices. This unit may be moved to a new location."
Ship Grapple Point
"Viable attachment point identified. Power Suit grapple functionality insufficient to interact with."
"Lever manually controls one of the cannon's locking mechanisms. Pull to release one of the clamps."
Lever (pulled)
"Lever has been pulled into position. The connected clamp is now released."
Energy shield
"Energy shield is part of the cannon defense system. Destroy cannon to deactivate."
Fuel Gel ammo
"Fuel Gel tanks are exposed. Destroying the tanks could short-circuit the cannon systems."