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Noxus[1] is a theme from Metroid Prime Hunters. It was composed by Lawrence Schwedler and/or James Phillipsen.

Description[edit | edit source]

As its title indicates, Noxus is heard while battling Noxus during the game's Adventure Mode. The original theme is only heard during random encounters with Noxus throughout the campaign. A faster variant is heard as part of the Gorea boss theme when Gorea uses the Judicator. It is also available in the game's Music Test after defeating Gorea's final form.

Like all other Bounty Hunter boss themes in Hunters, Noxus opens with a tense stinger and carries a specific bass harmony (possibly the leitmotif for the Bounty Hunters) throughout the song. The melody is performed by a choir, which alternates between tense chanting and directly quoting the theme of Arcterra, which in turn is a minor key remix of Phendrana Drifts. The latter simultaneously references Noxus's ice-based weapon of choice. Noxus can be heard here: [1]

A unique variant of Noxus is heard when Samus Aran first encounters Noxus in the Sic Transit on Arcterra, where he is battling Trace. Since both Bounty Hunters are present during this fight, this version combines the melodies of Noxus and Trace. This variant can be heard here: [2]

An unused track, Seq Intro Noxus, contains a portion of Noxus's melody; based upon the file name, it may have been intended as an intro to the main Noxus theme, possibly playing during the intro cutscene during his first encounter. This version starts with high-pitched strings (similar to Sylux), a low choir, and intense percussion building up to a tense climax, then it finishes with a male choir singing the Arcterra theme. It can be heard here: [3]

References[edit | edit source]

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