Nutrient-grade biomatter

Two of the objects above Transport to Agon Wastes' Missile Expansion.

Nutrient-grade biomatter composes various objects throughout Aether and Dark Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The object is protected by a thick exobarrier and tensile webbing, and is said to be a possible source of nourishment for local bioforms.

They are found in the Temple Grounds rooms Hive Chamber A, Transport to Agon Wastes, Temple Assembly Site, Hive Chamber B, Dynamo Chamber, Storage Cavern B and Collapsed Tunnel, and Sky Temple Grounds' Plain of Dark Worship, Lake Access and Phazon Grounds.

Interestingly, there are two at the Plain of Dark Worship on Dark Aether, but in its counterpart room Temple Assembly Site, they are both there but only one is scannable. Also, the one in Phazon Grounds has an unscannable twin in GFMC Compound.


"Object scan complete. Object is composed of nutrient-grade biomatter, protected by a thick exobarrier and tensile webbing. Possible source of nourishment for local bioforms."