If only I could join you... redeem my fallen honor in battle. But, my time has passed.


O-Lir was a Luminoth and Guardian of Sanctuary Temple who posthumously appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


O-Lir was the inventor of the Quad robots, as well as Quadraxis. Unfortunately, O-Lir fell to these machines, but he left messages in a Luminoth holoprojector that helped Samus Aran return energy to Sanctuary Sector 1.1 decacycles later.

O-Lir lamented being unable to join Samus in battle, saying "my time has passed". Judging from O-Lir's scan, it appears that the Guardian was a skilled warrior. O-Lir died defending the Sanctuary Temple against the very machines the Sentinel created to help the Luminoth.

Like the other sub-sentinels, O-Lir's hologram reappears one last time behind Samus to thank her and salute her after she restores the region's planetary energy.

Official data[]


"Bioscan complete. Luminoth subject terminated 1.1 decacycles ago. Subject has taken damage from a number of Luminoth weapon systems, most likely those used by rogue Luminoth combat drones. It took more than the Ing to defeat this warrior."


"Hear the words of O-Lir, last Sentinel of the Fortress Temple. May they serve you well.
This used to be a great fortress, a safe haven for our people during the war.
It also holds portals to the Ing Hive, the heart of their dark tribe.
During the war, I built a number of mechanical sentinels to join me in battle.
They were made to fight the Ing, and fight them they did…for a time.
One by one, the Ing corrupted them. Now, they attack with no mercy. Many went to Dark Aether with their Ing masters.
Expect them when you are in the Hive. The Ing like to use them as guards.
The Ing will protect their home with great ferocity. In all of our battles, the Hive has never fallen.
I have updated your Translator Module. You can access devices and doors coded with Cobalt holograms. Search the areas now opened to you.
If only I could join you…redeem my fallen honor in battle. But, my time has passed.
Good luck. Let the Light of Aether show you the way!"

O-Lir's comments[]

Spider Ball
"The machines travel on a network of magnetic rails. They go to places you cannot reach.
It's a pity I didn't have the time to craft a way for people to use those rails as the machines do."
Power Bomb
"The machines have fashioned a new alloy of considerable strength.
They use this metal to block access to key areas. Destroy it if you can!"
Echo Visor
"The last of our champion's visors used sound to target the unseen.
Recover it from its place of honor and use it wisely!"
Annihilator Beam
"The strongest weapon of our champion is in the hands of the enemy.
It fires a blast of light and dark energy, and has no equal. Find it soon!"

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

19 Sanctuary Energy Controller (pg. 66)
"Another fallen Luminoth will wax poetic about his tail[sic] of grief from beyond the grave. If you listen politely, he'll give you the ability to scan cobalt holograms and open new doors. Go back the way you came when you're through listening."



Preceded by:
Guardian of Sanctuary Temple
Succeeded by:
Samus Aran