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The Observation Room (監視ルーム?)[1], also called Experiment Floor 1[2], is a room in the Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The Observation Room is open to the sky, and consists of a barren ground with a waterfall that hides a cave. In the sky, there is a window that is seemingly floating there. Behind the waterfall there is a Fly Pod spawning Reos that must be destroyed to expose a hole leading to a tunnel, which must be traversed in Morph Ball form, and leads to a blockage that can be destroyed with a Bomb. This takes Samus up to a cliff high above the room, with a holographically generated background. She finds a sleeping creature burrowed up against another rock wall, and then finds a Holographic Generator.

Upon using this, the background becomes that of an indoor facility, connecting to the floating window. The howl of little birdie provokes the sleeping creature, a Dragotix, as well as a trio of Sidehoppers, into attacking Samus. Killing them all is optional, and if Samus chooses, she can simply ignore them and make her way to a Kick Climb shaft to leave the room.

On later return visits to the room, the Dragotix is located on the ground. A tunnel nearby the Subterranean Control Room will launch Samus up through a puddle of water on the ground.


Energy Part
A tunnel leading to the Subterranean Control Room has a branch-off that leads to a ledge in the Observation Room that cannot be accessed otherwise. Two Grapple Points can allow Samus to use her Grapple Beam to reach the Energy Part on a farther ledge, although she can also use the Space Jump.


  • The Observation Room concept art depicts it to be a much grassier plain than in the game, and also with several trees stretching into the background.
  • The concept art also depicts a form of Stevenson screen in the Observation Room, although no such device is seen in the game.



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