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Octopedes were small Luminoth-made security drones that patrolled the Sanctuary Fortress, and appear only in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The Octopedes were corrupted by the Ing, causing them to turn against their own creators. Octopedes occupy circular shafts, and lock together to form a chain link. If one is destroyed, the chain would come loose, causing the remaining Octopede to roll around and explode. They resemble small metal balls with a single eye, and besides the small explosions they trigger within themselves, they are harmless.

Octopedes are found in Power Junction and Torvus Transport Access.


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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Mechanism: Octopede
Rogue delivery drone.
Lightly armored. Disrupted units can explode in self-defense.

Logbook entry

The Octopede were created to deliver messages to Luminoth citizens. They now follow their routes in the service of other rogue mechanoids. The units were designed to self-destruct if attacked, and will explode with enough force to cause damage.


  • If Samus fires at the link with the Dark Beam, all Octopede will explode with a sound similar to an object freezing.
  • Octopede are similar in appearance and behave like a Zebesian creature known as the Puromi. It is possible that the Luminoth based the Octopede off of the Puromi in the same way the Mechlops was inspired by the organic Triclops.
  • Gelbugs bounce around when disrupted, similar to the Octopede's component spheres.
  • They are similar in appearace to a Caterkiller from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Caterkillers split apart when disturbed as well, only the sections don't explode, they have spikes and simply sit there, waiting for someone to step on them.
  • Octo is Latin for 8.
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