Octrolls are creatures native to SR388 resembling octopuses, found exclusively in Phase 5.

An Octroll's size makes it nearly as large as Samus Aran. These cephalopods' attack pattern is nearly identical to that of the Chute Leech, though the former can jump much higher and cause more damage. Two of their tentacles possess fins, possibly used to float through the air. When destroyed, they nearly always yield large energy units.

The game's commercial depicts an Octroll rising from a blue liquid substance. In-game they thrive in the hazardous liquid. Since Metroid: Samus Returns depicts the hazardous liquid as purple, it is possible that the commercial intended to accurately depict the hazardous liquid, rather than water or some other substance.

Official data

Metroid II manual
"When Samus comes close, they fall fluttering downward."



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