Even old people are busy these days.

—Old Bird

Old Bird[1] is an elderly Chozo of Zebes.

The earliest version of Old Bird made his debut in the non-canonical Super Metroid comic, and is also depicted in the Nintendo Official Guide Book for Super Metroid. Old Bird's first in-game appearance is the Japanese version of Metroid Fusion's Child Mode endings. Old Bird is prominently featured as a character in the Metroid manga. In all regions, he also appears in a flashback of Metroid: Zero Mission and possibly during the flashback before fighting Raven Beak in Metroid Dread.


Old Bird arrived at K-2L after a Space Pirate attack and found the child Samus Aran, who was the sole survivor. He brought her to Zebes and thereafter acted as a foster father to her. Along with Gray Voice, he oversaw her infusion with Chozo DNA and trained her from a young age to become the great warrior that she is today. As seen in Zero Mission, Old Bird brought Samus to the Ruins Test in Chozodia, and she drew herself, Old Bird, and Gray Voice on the bottom of the mural; this drawing can still be seen during Samus's adulthood.

Comic appearances[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Super Metroid comic[]

In the non-canonical Super Metroid comic, Old Bird is living on the Nest. Armstrong Houston and Samus arrive from Zebes after her Power Suit is damaged. As Samus recovers, he explains the story of Samus and the Chozo to Houston. Samus then insists to Old Bird that she use a Power Bomb to heal all her wounds. Despite his fear of Samus's greater injury if the tactic fails, Old Bird goes ahead with Samus's plan, and it succeeds.

While this story is considered non-canon, Old Bird is one of several story elements (such as the Space Pirates' attack on K-2L) that were later integrated into canon through the Metroid Fusion Child Mode endings, as well as adapted into the later Magazine Z manga.

Metroid manga[]

The Metroid prequel manga published in Magazine Z further expands upon Old Bird's role in Samus's upbringing, although its canonicity is debatable.

Old Bird, along with several other Chozo, arrived on K-2L to negotiate a supply of Afloraltite with Chief Rodney Aran. During the meeting, Old Bird met the three-year-old Samus Aran, who asked for help retrieving a backpack stolen by Pyonchi. Old Bird suggested that Samus become friends with Pyonchi.

Shortly afterward, Old Bird returned to K-2L after a Space Pirate attack and found Samus, the sole survivor. He brought her to Zebes, a decision that upset Gray Voice. He thereafter acted as a foster father to her: it was he who decided to infuse her with Chozo DNA, train her, and give Samus the Power Suit to defend the universe.

After Samus left Zebes to join the Federation Police Force, Old Bird held a council with the other Chozo elders, where he revealed the existence of X Parasites and the Metroids engineered to counter the X. During the meeting, Zebes was attacked by a Space Pirate flagship. When she returned to a ruined Zebes as a Federation Police Force officer, Samus heard Old Bird's final communication before fleeing with (most of) the rest of the Chozo. Old Bird's fate remains unknown.

Samus & Joey[]

Old Bird appears briefly in Samus & Joey: Volume 2 chapter 8. Samus remembers Old Bird, Virginia, and Rodney as she tells Joey Apronika about her own fears, declaring that she fights even when she is afraid so that she will not lose anyone else important to her.

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  • In the Chozo Memories, a "Thoha elder" plays a similar role to Old Bird in Metroid: Volume 1: both characters are elderly Chozo who observe X Parasites infecting Hornoads on SR388 and then oversee the creation of the Metroid as a bioweapon to prey upon the X. It is unclear whether this "Thoha elder" is meant to retcon Old Bird's role, or if the "Thoha elder" is an updated depiction of Old Bird himself.
  • In a flashback in Metroid Dread, the silhouettes of two Chozo can be seen in the background of the Body Adaptation Machine, with one Chozo being notably shorter and squatter than the other. While unconfirmed, it is likely that the shorter Chozo is Old Bird.