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The "Old Tourian launchpad" is a room in Crateria. It appears in Super Metroid.


The launchpad is a large vertical shaft connected to two hallways. It is found through a secret exit in the right wall of the ruined Tourian escape shaft, but cannot be accessed without Power Bombs. Samus will also need the Ice and Wave Beams, Speed Booster and either the Grappling Beam or Space Jump to make it through this room. The launchpad did not exist in Tourian during Metroid or Metroid: Zero Mission, and given that its architecture does not appear damaged, it was likely constructed by the Space Pirates after Samus's first Zebes mission for unknown purposes. The lower passage stands in a pool of rising and falling scalding-hot lava, though it does not rise to a floor level where it can harm Samus.

To ascend the vertical shaft, Samus must Shinespark. The floor of the lower passage has four gaps, with four Boyons in each. Samus must freeze them in place before they jump, and quickly run across the "fixed floor" to be able to Shinespark. Once she jumps, she will break through Boost Blocks near the ceiling, which have a unique red diamond shape. After stopping, Samus will land next to a Super Missile Tank, the only one of its kind in Crateria. The exit of the room is through a thin gap in the wall, behind which is another passage to the left, in which the floor is lined with spikes and the ceiling is lined with Grapple Points. However Samus crosses this passage, she will exit back into the Tourian escape shaft, through a door that is permanently locked on the other side.

In speedrunning, the launchpad is referred to as the "Crateria Super Room".[1]

Connecting rooms[]



Super Missile Tank
Atop the vertical shaft.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"You won't be able to get into this area early in the game, but once you do, you'll need the Grappling Beam to get out safely. Grapple and swing to clear the spiked flooring."
"Freeze the four enemies down in place and then use the Speed Booster to blaze to the right. Press Down to prepare for the Super Jump, get into position, and then Super Jump up the long shaft."
Footnote (pg. 33)
"Break through these blocks with the help of the Super Jump."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"You'll need to use one of the special techniques here - the super jump. However, the corridor isn't long enough to allow you to build up the required speed due to three burrows complete with resident nasties who jump at you as you pass. To solve this problem, you need the ice ray. Get as close to the burrow as you can without disturbing the creature and fire diagonally down (left button + fire). If you get it right, you'll freeze the nasty solid. Repeat for the others, then run to the left as quickly as possible, turn around and you should have time and distance to build supersonic speed. The superjump will carry you all the way to the top of the shaft."