Concept art of an Olympus-class battleship.

The Olympus-class battleship is a Class of battleship used by the Federation Fleet. The Olympus-class was designed to carry an Aurora Unit and act as the flagship for the fleets they are in. Due to space gained from having an Aurora Unit onboard, they carry superior weapons systems and need fewer crew members than other ships of a similar size. They carry many Stiletto-class fighters and Aries-Class Transport Vessels, and are able to dock with smaller escort frigates. They contain at least five docking bays capable of accommodating ships up to the size of an Aries-class transport and launch fighters out of them from conveyor belts that run through the ship. They are powered by Fuel Gel. Their armaments include Twin Hydra multiturrets and other weapons. Inside the ship, there are point-defense Halberd turrets, Galactic Federation Marines, naval crewmen (such as fleet troopers and mechanics), and vehicles. The battleships feature a biohazard scanning room, medical chamber, weapons storage, and command deck.

Olympus-class ships[]

G.F.S. Olympus[]

The G.F.S. Olympus

G.F.S. Valhalla[]

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Olympus-class battleship

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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The Olympus-class battleship is the first Federation capital ship designed to use an onboard Aurora Unit. They are the flagships of the fleets they serve in, usually commanded by an officer of flag rank. Battleships of this class have smaller crews than most ships of a similar size due to the presence of the Aurora Unit. The space saved in crew support is used for more battle systems. The enormous vessels are powered by Fuel Gel, making the scarce commodity of extreme value to the Federation military.



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