The Omega Cannon is a temporary upgrade to the Arm Cannon in Metroid Dread.


The Omega Cannon is acquired by absorbing a unique energy[1] from a defeated Central Unit, and is the only means Samus has of defeating an E.M.M.I. unit short of an unforeseen genetic mutation. It can also open Central Unit Doors. When acquired, Samus' Arm Cannon turns metallic red with cyan lights lining its surface, and its nozzle becomes capable of opening four flaps (similar to the Missile Launcher in Metroid Prime). The Omega Cannon has two firing modes, each with a different attack:

  • The Omega Stream, which fires rapid shots in a manner akin to a minigun. While in use, the four flaps on the Arm Cannon open towards Samus, exposing a rotary barrel assembly. The projectiles can overheat and shatter an E.M.M.I.'s faceplate, leaving it vulnerable to destruction. E.M.M.I. units are slowed when under fire from the Omega Stream, and will be stunned after losing their faceplate in the same fashion as if their attack was countered. Sustained fire is required to overheat the faceplate, as it will cool back down should Samus be forced to break off her attack early. It is functionally similar to the Beam Burst, which must be used to overheat and destroy black-armored enemies in Metroid: Samus Returns.
  • The Omega Blaster, which has a lengthy charge-up (longer than usual Charge Beam shots) and a single, powerful, shot. While in use, the four flaps on the Arm Cannon open away from Samus to form a charging apparatus for the Cannon's barrel, and a secondary charging vent opens on the underside of the Arm Cannon. Samus can use it to open Central Unit Doors, as well as unarmored E.M.M.I. units, with a carefully-aimed blast to its exposed eye. Shooting any other part of an E.M.M.I. with the Omega Blaster will have no effect and necessitate another lengthy charge.

While equipped with the Omega Cannon, Samus' standard Aim Mode is replaced with an over-the shoulder perspective which locks her in place, allowing for greater visibility in front of her when using the Omega Blaster or Stream. If she is obscured by a wall when in Aim Mode, the game will present her as a white silhouette so that she can still be seen. The Omega Cannon reverts to the standard Arm Cannon after destroying the E.M.M.I. in the E.M.M.I. Zone where she acquired it.

Official data[]

On-screen tutorials[]

Omega Blaster acquired
"The energy from the Central Unit transformed the Arm Cannon into an Omega Cannon.
Omega Blaster online.
Omega Stream online."
Omega Blaster in use
"Hold [R] to charge the Omega Blaster.
Once charged, press [Y] while still holding [R] to fire. Aim at the core."
Omega Stream in use
"Hold [Y] to fire the Omega Stream and heat up the shielding.
It will shatter upon overheating, leaving the core exposed."
After use
"Omega Cannon depleted and offline. Reverting to regular Arm Cannon."

Nintendo tweets[]

Nintendo of America
"Oh? You're approaching me?
Samus' powerful Omega Blaster temporarily gives players a dynamic new perspective when aiming. It’s the only way to defeat the deadly E.M.M.I.
'#MetroidDread #NintendoTreehouseLive[2]
"Samus is unable to move when charging the Omega Blaster, meaning some serious fear may set in as the deadly E.M.M.I. approaches. You’ll need to face the tension, overcome the fear, and unleash the energy to land a finishing blow."[3]
Nintendo of Europe
"The Omega Cannon is a temporary power-up that grants Samus the ability to overcome an E.M.M.I.
Use Omega Stream to lower its guard, then Omega Blaster to land the finishing blow. It'll take time to charge, so hold your nerve then fire! #MetroidDread"[4]

Metroid Dread Report[]

Omega Stream
"When Samus' Omega Cannon is online, hold down the L button to enter Aim Mode. Next, hold the Y button to unleash Omega Stream, a powerful, rapid-fire attack. Continuously striking the head of the E.M.M.I. with this attack will cause its protective plating to overheat and shatter, leaving its core—its weak point—exposed."
Omega Blaster
"Hold down the R button while aiming with the Omega Cannon to power up a charged shot. Press the Y button after fully charging to unleash a deadly Omega Blaster attack. Strike the exposed core of the E.M.M.I. with this blast to defeat it. The Omega Cannon will revert to Samus' regular Arm Cannon once the E.M.M.I. is defeated."
~Transmission from the dev team~
"Samus cannot move while charging the Omega Blaster. As the deadly E.M.M.I. approaches, you’ll have to overcome your fear and stand your ground to charge the Omega Blaster, then unleash this energy to land a finishing blow. This creates a build-up of tension and an exhilarating payoff for the player after pulling it off successfully."[]

Omega Stream
"Unleash this rapid-fire attack to overheat and shatter its protective plating, exposing its weak point."
Omega Blaster
"Once the E.M.M.I.’s weak point is exposed, stand your ground to power up a charged shot capable of destroying it."

Development notes[]

Yoshio Sakamoto said that the over-the-shoulder perspective of the Omega Cannon was added to preserve the titular atmosphere of "dread". This is because the third-person view stops Samus from moving while the E.M.M.I. approaches her.[5]


  • Samus acquiring the temporary Omega Cannon by absorbing a Central Unit's energy with her Metroid powers is yet another connection between Mother Brain and the Central Units of ZDR. Mother Brain's energy was absorbed by the last Metroid who then transferred that energy to Samus, granting her the Hyper Beam which apparently disappeared from her suit some time after. Furthermore, both beam weapons were immediately used to destroy otherwise indestructible foes.
  • Another weapon also known as the Omega Cannon appears in Metroid Prime Hunters, although it is unrelated to this one.
  • The long charge time for the Omega Blaster is similar to that of the Plasma Gun used by Anthony Higgs in Metroid: Other M.
  • Despite having previously used the Omega Cannon to destroy E.M.M.I.-01P, the Omega Stream is not made available for use until confronting E.M.M.I.-02SM. The latter mode would have had no effect on unit 01P as its armored faceplate was already destroyed by Raven Beak.
  • By preparing a Shinespark, performing a Flash Shift, and finally Shinesparking while firing the Grapple Beam, a glitch unofficially known as the Shine Sink will occur where Samus sinks through the floor. This allows Samus to steal the Omega Cannon from E.M.M.I.-05IM's Zone and subsequently use it on any enemy or obstacle outside E.M.M.I. Zones.
  • Representative of the weapon's massive power, both of the Omega Cannon's firing modes have visual flourishes while in use; the Omega Blaster draws blue energy through an exposed valve on the underside of the Omega Cannon while the Omega Stream expels blue exhaust through two rectangular vents on the underside.
  • The Omega Cannon changes the Arm Cannon's Missile-firing configuration.[6]



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