Omega Pirate Absorption System

The Omega Pirate Absorption System is a technology created by the Space Pirates used by Elite Pirate Upsilon in Metroid Prime. It seems to be a version of the Energy-siphon system used by the Phazon Elite and Elite Pirates modified for the Omega Pirate's use. It is used to absorb opponent's Beam attacks, and is generated from either hand of the user. It creates a large sphere of light that will draw in Beam shots, thus rendering the owner invulnerable to Beam weaponry. However, the user will still be susceptible to Missile attacks, making this system flawed. The Space Pirate Science Team vowed to correct this defect, but since this system was never employed by Space Pirate forces after Samus Aran's destruction of the Omega Pirate and the normal Elites, it can be assumed that the system was unable to be reproduced, or the Pirates gave it up due to being unable to correct the Missile weakness. However, they later produced armour that was highly resistant to beams and armour that was completely resistant to Missiles.

The Ingsmashers of the Luminoth and their Darkling forms of the Ing, the Dark Ingsmashers, also had a similar ability. Instead of being projected for the hand of the user, the Ingsmasher generated a field of energy around the orbs attached to the end of their arms. This energy would be either of Light or Dark polarity, and would draw in all Beam attacks. It could also be used to increase the damage done by the Ingsmasher if they smashed foes with the empowered orb. However, this variant had a similar weakness to the Pirate counterpart; it was easily shut down by a Beam of the opposite polarity. Ingsmashers were more likely to use a field of Light energy, and Dark Ingsmashers would favour the use of a field of Dark polarity.


"Omega Pirate Absorption System test results are in. Field tests indicate that the system is very effective against Beam weaponry. We are alarmed at the field's inability to handle Missile attacks, however. Science Team is working around the clock to correct this critical design flaw. The Omega Pirate cannot afford such a weakness in battle."

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