"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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Omega Research is a room in the Phazon Mines. It appears in Metroid Prime.


This room has two levels. Samus enters from the higher level and can jump down to the lower one, but must deactivate a barrier using the Scan Visor to return the higher one. On the lower floor is a Pirate Data entry. The second time Samus goes through here, she fights an Elite Pirate. There is a Bendezium structure on the higher level that gives access to a Map Station.

A Hidden World can be found in this room: [1]

Connecting rooms[]



Samus engages two Wave Troopers on the entrance balcony.

Interface Module
"Force Field offline. Access granted."
Bendezium debris
"Collapsed Bendezium wall section is structurally unsound."
Computer screen
"Metroids from the initial batch have matured to Hunter phase.
Be advised that the Hunter Metroid has a siphon-tentacle. It can attack with it from a distance, as opposed to the close-combat tactic used by younger Metroids."
Computer screen
"Increased aggression levels observed in latest Elite Pirate units.
Increasing Phazon feed by .07%, per Science Team mandate."
Computer screen
"Metroid activity is accelerating in non-frigid areas."
Computer screen
"All magnetic rail system access must be approved by Security."
Wall terminal
"Metroids are not responding to synthetic sustenance.
We have reason to believe they only gain nourishment from active bio-energy sources."
Wall terminal
"Security breaches in multiple areas.
Unauthorized usage of resources continues. Patterns suggest these resources are being stolen by the Hunter. Increase monitoring of all resource facilities immediately."
Wall terminal
"Recon Teams are searching for the Hunter's gunship.
Science Team believes it employs a sophisticated cloaking device beyond our capabilities. Aside from dumb luck, we may never discover its location. We must contain or eliminate Aran. Failure to comply with Command decree is not an option."
Wall terminal
"Science Team is accepting volunteers for Advanced Weapon Training."
Wall terminal
"Chozo Ruins areas are off-limits until further notice."
Wall terminal
"All available troopers report to Mine Security Command."
Elite Pirate
"Unit ident-code EPG-8702, batch 01, field designation 'Elite Pirate'."
Elite Pirate
"Unit ident-code EPG-8701, batch 01, field designation 'Elite Pirate'."
Computer screen
"Our enemies will tremble before the might of our Elite forces."
Computer screen
"Unauthorized Metroid feeding is strictly prohibited."
Computer screen
"Death to the Hunter. Death to all who oppose us!"
Cryosleep Tank
"Cryopod damaged. Immediate maintenance required."
Computer screen
"Increase Bombu patrols in authorized areas."
Computer screen
"Scramble all aerial units immediately. Flight pattern Sigma 4 is in effect."
Computer screen
"Test results from Battle Simulation 'Samus Aran' are promising.
Elite units report a 74% success ratio against Aran in testing. High Command is pleased, but expects a higher ratio by project's end."
Omega Pirate
"Log 11.232.8
Elite Pirate Upsilon's propensity for Phazon has enabled our research team to infuse it far beyond our safety restrictions, and the results have been extremely encouraging. Its constant Phazon diet has increased its mass exponentially, but it has retained all mental faculties and shows dexterity with all Elite weaponry, including Plasma Incendiary Launchers and the Chameleon Manta issued for cloaking purposes. Elite Pirate Upsilon exhibits miraculous healing abilities; when injured, it seeks out Phazon deposits and coats itself in the substance, which instantly mends the creature's wounds. The subject, which we are code-naming Omega Pirate based on these developments, shows potential to be a new standard for our armies. Our only concern at this point is its potential overdependence on Phazon."


  • If the Force Field was disabled, it will still appear reactivated immediately before the Elite Pirate battle. Scanning the terminal (again) will not disable it.
  • The White Door leading to Map Station Mines can be opened with the Phazon Beam (via hacking) and only on this side.


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