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Omega Ridley is Meta Ridley infused with Phazon; this infusion has increased his incredible power to far greater heights. He acts as the Guardian of the Leviathan Seed on the Pirate Homeworld and is the third to last boss in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Following his severe loss against Samus Aran during the failed invasion of Norion, Meta Ridley managed to arrive at the Pirate Homeworld (either on his own or with the help of his fellow Space Pirates) where he was exposed to the present Leviathan's Phazon Core. The process energized him to a new combat threat level.

He has a very durable, Phazon-enhanced armorskin and protective armored plating. However, he has an injury from his fall on Norion that has yet to fully heal; it is located in his chest, similar to the weak point he possessed as Meta Ridley in the first Metroid Prime game. He will try to protect this injury, requiring Samus to stun him and leave the injury open for strong attacks.[1] After an extensive battle, the bounty hunter defeats Omega Ridley, causing him to explode and disappear in a cloud of Phazon.

Compared to his previous form, Omega Ridley has noticeably less mechanical components, with the remaining machinery seemingly being pushed outward by his regenerative, organic body. Sometime after his encounter with Samus on the Pirate Homeworld, he regenerates enough tissue to shed additional cybernetic implants and becomes Proteus Ridley.



Omega Ridley appears.

Initially, Samus must stun Omega Ridley by shooting at his mouth while it is open and glowing (in midair or ground level, the former resulting in him falling to the ground). She can then use the Grapple Lasso to rip off Omega Ridley's armor and overload his heart with Phazon. Alternatively, she can drain Ridley's own energy using the Grapple Voltage, which turns out to be to her advantage, as it allows her to replenish energy used up by attacking with Hypermode attacks. When his weak point is being damaged, Omega Ridley attempts to turn and move away from Samus, but will renew his offensive when his armor inevitably reseals itself.

After this process has been repeated a number of times, Omega Ridley's armor will be completely destroyed. In response, Omega Ridley will back up and generate a new piece of Phazite armor. This time, the X-Ray Visor must be used in co-operation with the Nova Beam to penetrate the Phazite armor, either by striking his wound directly or by weakening the armor's hinges and destroying it (the latter method is preferred, since the wound takes very little damage at this point). Apart from the change in targets, the method of attack is unchanged: stun the boss and attack the weak spots.

After this phase, Omega Ridley will give up on protecting his weakness, taking to the air with his wound exposed. He constantly flies in and out of the Leviathan, reappearing randomly from one of four different entrances, launching an attack before fleeing once more. At this stage, the wound is difficult to target (although watching the radar may help predict where Ridley will approach from), but Samus is free to fire at will with Phazon attacks. It is recommended to enter and exit Hypermode when Ridley appears and leaves the arena in order to conserve energy. After a few hit-and-runs, Omega Ridley may choose to resume his ground assault for a time, which gives Samus a prime opportunity to finish him off.

MP3 Omega Ridley's Death

Omega Ridley is defeated.

The Screw Attack is one of Samus's most helpful items in this battle. Screw Attacking toward Ridley will cancel whatever move he is attempting to execute, as he will instead jump out of the way to avoid being rammed by the attack. Since several of his attacks are either difficult to dodge or simply waste time by making him temporarily invincible, the ability to control his movement pattern can be a great boon in this battle.

Samus receives the Hyper Grapple after defeating Omega Ridley, who disappears in a massive flash of Phazon after the battle.


After being infused with Phazon, Omega Ridley's abilities have been greatly augmented. His attacks include:

  • A massive line of plasma and flame from his Kinetic Breath Weapon.
  • A large blast of Phazon from his tail (used when Samus is relatively close to his rear).
  • Spinning in place while firing both of the above attacks at once.
  • Large and small fireballs. The large fireballs travel in a straight line at high speed and cannot be destroyed, while the small ones are slow but can home in on Samus. The latter are also shot out in groups and can be destroyed. During the 2nd phase, Omega Ridley can shoot out massive quantities of small homing fireballs at once.
  • A relatively fast charge. Telegraphed by Ridley opening his wings and turning his head to one side.
  • A claw slash covered with a Phazon blade (identical to the Omega Pirate's).
  • A shockwave attack similar to the Ultrathermal Flamestrike Projector, telegraphed by Ridley jumping and hovering over the center of the room for a moment. Shooting Ridley in the mouth when he jumps will instantly send him to the ground in a stunned state.
  • Another shockwave which produces an electrical cage-like structure via (destructible) Phazon orbs during the second phase. Destroying one orb will remove several parts of this electric cage, giving openings for Samus to slip in and avoid damage. Destroying both orbs will instantly stun Ridley.
  • Pounding Samus with one hand.
  • Biting Samus if she is too close. This can cost her an entire energy tank on higher difficulties.
  • Meson Bomb Launcher: Carpet bombing the entire area. Only done in flight.

Initially, Omega Ridley will mainly attack with his fireballs and Kinetic Breath Weapon, using his shockwave and charge attacks periodically. When the second phase begins, he adds the spinning breath/tail attack and the Phazon orb shockwave to his repertoire, in addition to using his charge and shockwave more frequently. After losing his second set of armor, the Space Pirate commander will alternate between flight and ground phases. By then, Omega Ridley will be noticeably more aggressive and will constantly attempt to close in on Samus by running and/or leaping towards her. While he can still be stunned in the final phase of the battle, he will now clumsily walk and make small jumps to reach Samus and proceed to swipe his claws at her, making it fairly difficult to aim for his heart.

Logbook entryEdit


Omega Ridley

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Omega Ridley
Armored plating protects body.
Fires plasma attacks from mouth.

Logbook entry

Revived and regenerated through Phazon exposure, Omega Ridley has been energized to a new combat threat level. Target retains extremely durable, Phazon-enhanced armorskin, as well as protective armored plating. Scans indicate that a recent injury has not fully healed: expose and target wound to inflict damage. Target will act to protect this vulnerability: seek ways to stun the enemy and leave it open for deadly attacks.

Omega Ridley (stunned)
"Target is temporarily stunned. Protective chest armor appears as if it could be pulled open."
Omega Ridley (chest armor open)
"Armor has been pulled open. Cardiac region is now exposed. Vulnerable to Phazon energy."
Omega Ridley (armored)
"Phazite armor is now covering cardiac region. Armor is invulnerable, but internal joints seem weak."
Omega Ridley (armor destroyed)
"Armor has been destroyed. Cardiac region is now exposed. Vulnerable to Phazon energy."



Sonny Santa Maria beta animation.

  • Curiously, Omega Ridley is noticeably smaller than his previous meta form back on Norion. No explanation is given for this change.
  • Beta footage of the cutscene prior to Omega Ridley's boss battle features the blue Meta Ridley from Norion in his place fighting Samus equipped with her standard Varia Suit instead of the Corrupted PED Suit with Hazard Shield. This clip can be seen on the right.
    • This beta footage uses a model of Norion's Meta Ridley that is identical in size to Omega Ridley's. The released versions of the game however feature a larger Meta Ridley.
  • There is a glitch that makes Omega Ridley get stuck in the wall when he does his tackle attack that makes him unable to move. If this happens, the battle cannot continue and the game must be reloaded.
  • This battle is similar to that of Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime, as he uses many of the same moves. Curiously, Omega Ridley starts flying around the battlefield when he is at about a quarter health, whereas he is airborne for the first three quarters of his health in Prime.
  • Despite this form being named "Omega", he is relatively sluggish compared to his Meta Ridley form back on Tallon IV. Several attacks, such as the tail swing and tackles, are actually performed at a much slower speed in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption despite Omega Ridley using his arms and legs simultaneously to initiate these attacks, unlike the first Metroid Prime game where he merely used his hind legs to do so.
  • Interestingly enough, Ridley's mechanical implants are more visible in this form, rather than his Meta form on Norion near the beginning of the game, where he appears to be more organic.
  • It is unknown how or why Omega Ridley transformed into Proteus Ridley, a form which is entirely uncorrupted and has less cybernetics seen in Metroid: Samus Returns. It is known however, that Phazon has healing properties, along with the fact that, following the destruction of both Dark Samus and Phaaze, the mutagenic substance vanished from Samus' body and everywhere else in the galaxy; these two facts may have played a role in Omega Ridley's regression to a less corrupted body with fewer cybernetic implants.
  • Unlike Mogenar and Helios, Ridley's disintegration upon his defeat is not actually seen: Ridley is only seen wrapping his wings around himself and sinking to the ground as an explosion of Phazon engulfs him - the scene then cuts to the resulting Phazon hitting Samus.

Omega Ridley on the Radar.

  • Omega Ridley is the only enemy in the Prime series to be displayed in the Heads-Up Display's Radar as a full-scale silhouette. His silhouette is made of of several blips. All other enemies (even Meta Ridley, both in the first Prime and the beginning of Corruption) merely appear as one blip.
  • Omega Ridley shares the same weak point as both Meta Ridley from Metroid Prime and the Ridley Robot from Metroid: Zero Mission, among other technological aspects of their bodies. The robot, created before the need to cybernetically enhance Ridley arose, can be considered as a prototype/precursor to the resurrected Meta Ridley. Omega Ridley could thus be viewed as a further extension of this.
  • The fireballs that he shoots out in both battles in Corruption can be destroyed with Samus Aran's weapons, specifically reminiscent of the fireballs he used in Zero Mission.
  • If Samus jumps at Omega Ridley with her Screw Attack, he always jumps to the side. This will cancel any attacks Ridley is preparing.
  • Omega Ridley is mentioned in Ridley's Palutena's Guidance conversation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


This is the music heard when battling Omega Ridley: [1].



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