Samus Aran's solitary war on the Space Pirates terminated their Phazon experiments on Metroids. But the galaxy is not at peace. Recognizing a need to combat the Space Pirate menace, the Galactic Federation launched Project Golem, a top-secret program to develop mechanized battle armor based on the technology in Samus Aran's Power Suit. The most elite members of the galactic marines were chosen, and put through intense training to form what would become the Federation Force.

'Project Golem' Game Trailer

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Operation Golem (also known as Project Golem) is a top secret project that began after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, when the Galactic Federation recognized a need to crack down on the Space Pirates after terminating their Phazon experiments. The aim of Golem is to develop mechanized armorsuits for battle, called Mechs, which are based on the Chozo Power Suit worn by Samus Aran. Only the most elite members of the Galactic Federation Marine Corps wear Mechs, and go through intensive training to adjust to them.

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