Three Operators (as named in the credits) were seen in a cutscene in Metroid: Other M within the bridge of the Galactic Federation Battleship VIXIV, that was towing the Lusitania and its malfunctioning drive unit above an unnamed planet.

There were two male Operators and a female. It is not currently possible to distinguish the voices of either male Operator, although only one of them (seated) is seen speaking; the other stands to the side. The seated Operator is first seen speaking to Ian Malkovich, who was repairing the drive unit, urging him to be careful. Suddenly, it goes critical, as the female warns. Commander Adam Malkovich, Ian's older brother, orders for it to be detached. The female operator and Samus Aran, particularly the latter, protest the decision to no avail. This cutscene is the only one where the operators are seen. Their true names are unknown.

In the English version of the game, the male Operators are voiced by Dave Howe and Tom McGurk, while the female Operator is voiced by Erika Webright. In Japanese, both male Operators are voiced by Kensuke Nishi, and the female Operator by Eriko Hirata.


First male operator (seated)
"Ian, be careful out there. I know this is a routine fix, but don't let your guard down. There are 300 people on board-their lives are in your hands."
"The unit is overheating beyond our estimates, sir!"
"Commander Malkovich! Unit meltdown imminent! It's going to explode!"
"We're out of time, sir!"
Female operator
"Commander! The drive unit is going critical!"
"But Ian's still inside!"