The Oubliette is the final area in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is found in the Infinity Void, and the only way to get there is to bring all eight Octoliths to the cannon room in Alinos to fire the Alimbic Cannon. It is home to the final boss of the game, Gorea, and is destroyed in both endings. The second ending includes a short scene in which it appears that the six rival hunters escape the Oubliette in their spaceships along with Samus Aran.

There is also a multiplayer level with the same name, though it only includes the room known unofficially as Gorea's lair.

Complete Map of the Oubliette: [1]


Boss gorea


In Alimbic Lore, the Oubliette is described as a prison built especially for Gorea. In appearance, it looks more like a capital ship than a structure; this may have been necessary to transport it to the Infinity Void after construction, or it may have simply been built according to principles of the very foreign Alimbic aesthetic, like the homely Crash Pillars.

Inside the Oubliette, most of the rooms are larger than would appear necessary, and have a curious overgrown appearance and green color, with large glowing green lights in the walls, ceiling or floor at seemingly random locations. Much of the interior appears to be constructed of stone, and what appear to be brown tree trunks are abundant. In the "open-air" areas like the main chamber and the final area, there is no sky, and instead there is nothing but an enormous, swirling green void. The overall environment of the Oubliette particularly resembles a Stronghold Void, and even shares the same ominous music as that area.


Oubliette is a French word derived from the verb oublier, which means "to forget". The stem word is ultimately the same as for English oblivion and oblivious. In modern French, Oubliette is used similarly to the phrase "memory hole",[3] a term coined in the novel 1984 to describe the systematic destruction and control of data and information available to the public. An oubliette is also a type of pit-like dungeon, with the only entrance being a ceiling hatch, in which criminals or prisoners were locked up and abandoned or forgotten. In the Spanish version of the game, the Oubliette is called Mazmorra, and in the German version it is called Kerker; both of these names translate to "dungeon".


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