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The Outer Reach is a space station that serves as a multiplayer stage in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Description[edit | edit source]

It resembles a mini-space station or a satellite, seeming to be floating in space. While it appears to have artificial gravity, it is very easy for hunters to fall off the edge of this level, instantly killing them. This is one of three levels (Harvester and Head Shot being the other two) that do not have a corresponding location in single-player mode, and all all three of these levels do not have any visible means of support. It is possible that this level is orbiting in the atmosphere of another planet, or has an artificial gravity generator. There are four levels in this arena. The lowest level has UA and Jump Pads to reach the second/third levels.

The second level is designed in an O shape, but it also has a smaller ring in the center that is connected to the larger ring. The second level features an Affinity Weapon, more UA, more Jump Pads to go higher and Energy Capsules.

The third level is basically the roof of the second level's outer ring, but there is an open bridge over the center of the stage that features the Imperialist. Also on the third level are the Judicator, Shock Coil and more UA.

The fourth level has two platforms, featuring Missiles and a Jump Pad used to alter between platforms. Samus has an advantage here because Homing Missiles can be used efficiently even while flying through the air. Sylux also has an advantage because of the Lockjaw's gliding abilities. Finally, the Imperialist can also be used to an advantage.

Outer Reach is not available by default. 10 local games must be played to unlock the stage.

It is implied that Outer Reach might be somehow linked to the Vesper Defense Outpost, as the music heard in the arena is the same played throughout multiplayer arenas that are situated within the VDO.

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