Samus performs the Overblast on a Dessgeega.

Overblast is a technique in Metroid: Other M. When executed, Samus will jump on an enemy and struggle with it, firing a charge shot at the creature, either killing or damaging it. However, if Samus delays to fire the charged shot, the enemy will push her off, damaging her.

As the game progresses, some enemies will struggle against the Overblast; if Samus jumps on an enemy, they will throw her off before allowing her to execute the charged shot, although it won't damage her. In most cases, the enemy must be considerably weakened before attempting the Overblast again.

This shouldn't be confused with Lethal Strike, as Lethal is performed on a downed enemy instead.

Early depictionsEdit

Official dataEdit

Onscreen tutorialEdit

"Jump on an enemy to climb on top of it and press 1 once you're fully charged."



"Like a deadly space rodeo, Samus can ride certain creatures to aim for an Overblast. Charging while mounted on these beasts is tough, but the results make it worthwhile."


"Jump toward an enemy to ride on top of it and the Charge Gauge will fill. Once it's full, press 1 to attack. Note: This might not be possible, depending on the type of enemy and the battle conditions."

Official Nintendo Magazine issue 59, page 27Edit

"Enemies won't know what hit them"

Continuous OverblastingEdit

An Overblast can be "juggled" by utilizing the Overblast to jump from one enemy's head to another, Overblasting each time. This is most useful when fighting multiple large enemies such as Dessgeega. An example of Overblast "juggling" can be seen here: [1]

List of enemies that can be OverblastedEdit

Lethal Strike Goyagma Pyrosphere HD

Samus performs the Overblast on Goyagma.


A member of the 07th Platoon attempts an Overblast.


  • During the battle with the Brug Mass, if Samus waits long enough after dislodging one tentacle, one of the Soldiers will attempt the Overblast technique on it, but is shaken off. The same Soldier will keep trying the exact same method over the course of the phase but will always fall short. After the second tentacle is dislodged, the Soldier stops using the technique, seeming that it was useless for him to do so.
  • While normally the opponent will struggle and damage Samus if she fails to fire on time, she will actually be pushed off the Griptian with no damage incurred. The same applies to the RB176 Ferrocrusher, except she will slide off instead.
  • In Metroid: Samus Returns, the Grab Sequence animations on Gamma and Omega Metroids will have Samus mount the creatures and shoot them, similar to performing an Overblast.