Private First Class I. Crany was a Federation Marine in the GFMC Task Force Herakles.


During their assignment on planet Aether, Task Force Herakles split up into two groups, and Crany was part of the one tasked with repairing their ship. During a meal, Angseth shared a "story" with her comrades about the Bounty Hunter Samus Aran’s then-recent defeat of the Space Pirates on Zebes. Crany offended Angseth by scoffing at her account, skeptical that a lone Bounty Hunter was capable of blowing up an entire Pirate base, and compared Samus to Bigfoot or Santa Claus. When the Ing attacked Task Force Herakles, Crany was instantly killed by a Dark Splinter attacking him from behind.

Logbook entryEdit

PFC I. Crany

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Logbook entry

Last night at chow, Angseth starts talking about some bounty hunter and how she blew up a planet full of Space Pirates. I told her I didn't believe in fairy tales like that, and she took it personal. I just find it hard to believe that one person took out an entire Space Pirate base, that's all. But if she wants to believe in this Samus, or Bigfoot, or Santa Claus, she can.


  • It is stated in the Logbook entry states that Samus "blew up" a planet full of Space Pirates. If he is referring to Zebes, then this claim would not make sense because the planet itself was not destroyed until after Echoes, during the Raid on Planet Zebes. In fact, Samus only succeeded in destroying Tourian and the Space Pirate Mother Ship. Whether this remark is alluding to a different planet is unknown.
    • At the same time, it is said of the Space Pirate Kihunters in the Super Metroid instruction manual that they "helped rebuild Zebes."[1] Thus, "Zebes" might not be understood as a whole, especially since PFC I. Crany goes on to say "an entire Space Pirate base." Simply put, Crany may just be referring to the Pirate base when he says Samus blew up the entire planet.
  • Crany's name was S. Brogna in the beta. This is likely a reference to Chip Sbrogna, a design contractor for Echoes.


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