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Paraby,[1] known in internal game data as Parabite, is a type of swarming enemy that Samus encounters in Metroid: Samus Returns.


Parabies are small blue bat-like[1] creatures that are always flying. Individually, they are weak and can be easily killed, but they flock together in swarms. Unlike Mumbo or Meboid swarms, Paraby swarms stay in one location. They are typically docile and only move to attack if Samus disturbs them, at which point the entire swarm flies aggressively towards her.

While the Paraby swarm can eventually be wiped out via standard cannon fire, the Lightning Armor can be used to bypass them completely and take minimal damage in doing so. The Lightning Counter, Beam Burst, and Power Bomb are effective means of quickly clearing out Paraby swarms, which drop a large amount of pickups to replenish Samus's energy, Aeion, and ammo.

Official data[]

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[]

Inhabitants & Eco System of SR388 (p. 18)
"Parabies are small bat creatures that always flock together in large swarms. Their small size makes them a nuisance, but defeating them can net you a lot of resources. Turn on your Lightning Armor and melee-attack them to make short work of the pesky creatures."
Walkthrough (p. 62)
"These creatures always flock together and generally mind their own business. The biggest threat they pose is by obstructing your way. Touching them deals damage, but they never pursue you.

Their most useful and interesting quality is the amount of health, Aeion Energy, and ammunition they drop when defeated. Defeat them quickly by using a melee attack on them with the Lightning Armor active. You can plow through a swarm of these enemies in one or two melee attacks and come out with more Aeion Energy than you started with. These enemies offer a great way to refill your resources when Recharge Stations aren’t available."