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This article is about the creatures from Zero Mission. For other uses, see Parasite (Disambiguation).

Parasites[1] (メーマ Mēma?)[2][3] are a Zebesian species, found exclusively in Metroid: Zero Mission.


Parasites are small creatures native to Brinstar. They drop down into a room, and aimlessly hop about unless they see prey. Should several of them attach to Samus Aran, they will continuously drain energy from her Power Suit. The Varia Suit will protect her from the damage.

Parasites are immune to acid, showing how potent creatures they are despite their small size, and can only be destroyed with Bombs and Power Bombs. However, the creatures will detach themselves from a host if the victim leaves their native room. They can also be knocked away with beam shots and the Screw Attack.

These parasites are the only known creatures that can destroy a Tangle Vine Fruit. Samus can use this to her advantage by luring the parasites towards a fruit. As the parasites crawl over the organic barrier, it will wither away permanently, opening the passage for Samus. This is required when Samus enters the corridor leading to the Varia Suit, as two Tangle Vine Fruits are found blocking the path.


  • The creatures highly resemble Brugs. However, it is currently unknown whether the two species are the same.
  • Since no parasites can be found in Norfair, a single Tangle Vine Fruit appears in the area to prevent Sequence Breaking without the Power Grip.