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The "path of perils" is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The path of perils cannot be accessed until the post-credits sequence, when Samus is able to use Power Bombs. After taking a detour from the "Main Sector lift hub" to the Cryosphere, Samus destroys a Desbrachian in the corridor before the Main Elevator and takes an elevator to a higher area of the BOTTLE SHIP. The floor has a long "stripe" along it with a pattern resembling a zipper. This is a very long, curving hallway that spans the exterior of the BOTTLE SHIP, as it is close to the Control Bridge and space can be seen through angled windows.


As Samus moves through the hallway, hatches will rise from the floor and box her into segments of the room with several waves of the deadly creatures she has had to fight on the BOTTLE SHIP. They appear to be commanded by Phantoon, as they appear from portals similar to that which it summons during the coming battle against it, and there is no other force that could be commanding them as MB is dead. The first enemy wave begins with five Mighty Griptians and two Ghalmanians, which Samus must dispatch before she can proceed.

Samus finishes off a Ghalmanian using a Lethal Strike.

In the next wave, Samus is attacked by two Asboreans. After they are defeated, four organic Zebesians appear and run at Samus, but are easily killed with Plasma Beam shots or by Screw Attacking into them. Continuing on, Samus is confronted by eight Kyratians, which appear four at a time and can also be destroyed with the Screw Attack. Next, she is faced with eight Super Kihunters and then four Super Zebesians. Finally, as she reaches the exit, a Rhedogian appears, followed by a second one. Samus can simply use a Power Bomb to obliterate them instantly. When all enemies are defeated, Samus is free to continue into a much needed Navigation Booth.

The Lockdown Battle Theme plays during all battles except for the Rhedogians (as it does in previous encounters with the creatures), at which point the creature's own battle theme begins to play.

If after completing the game the save file is reloaded, the enemies here will remain dead and therefore not respawn, meaning that Samus can run through the room with no trouble. The same is true of any Desbrachians that Samus kills elsewhere in the BOTTLE SHIP.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 141
"Exit the elevator and turn left into the next hall. The hall is long and curved, bending back around toward the sealed area of the Main Sector. The hall, however, contains a gauntlet of enemies. With each section of the hall, you'll encounter a new batch of enemies.
Enemy Battle 1 - Mighty Griptians
The first pair of enemies are Mighty Griptians. Their armor is strong enough to withstand your Screw Attack, so use a series of Charge Beam blasts and Super Missiles to wear them down. Mix in the occasional Screw Attack as you move away from them and inflict damage often. Once they’re weakened, either finish them off with a Super Missile or a Lethal Strike.
Enemy Battle 2 - Ghalmanians
The next section is home to Ghalmanians. They’re no more difficult than before, so use Search View to locate them while they are invisible and blast them with missiles. Once they’re visible, use Screw Attacks to finish them off quickly.
Enemy Battle 3 - Asboreans and Zebesians
After the Ghalmanians, you’ll face Asboreans. These creatures are very susceptible to your Screw Attack. Use it to dispatch them quickly. As soon as the Asboreans are out of the way, several Zebesians show up looking for a fi ght. Screw Attack them to move past easily, then proceed to the next section of the curving hallway.
Enemy Battle 4 - Kyratians, Super Kihunters, and Zebesians
Continue using your Screw Attack to cut through the next batch of enemies—Kyratians and Super Kihunters—and resume your dash down the hall. Just before you make it to the next section, a new batch of Zebesians attempts to slow you down. Breeze past them with any attack.
Enemy Battle 5 - Rhedogians
The final group of enemies are Rhedogians. You can’t breeze past these creatures with simple Screw Attacks. Instead, use your entire repertoire of attacks to dispatch these speedy creeps. Blast them with Super Missiles to keep them at bay, and SenseMove out of the way when they attack you. Whittle them down until they stagger back, then rush in for a Lethal Strike. Save your progress at the Navigation Booth at the end of the hall, then enter the Control Bridge.