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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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Tch! You're not gonna get any thanks from me! I was plannin' ta finish that guy off myself!


Pete is a rather aggressive minor character only seen in the last chapter of Metroid EX.


Little is known of Pete's life. His name is spoken by a young elephant-like classmate of his, who says "Run Pete!" while running away in terror. Pete appears as a young student at a Galactic Federation school, during the flash-forward at the end of the manga. His exact age is unknown, but his appearance and behavior suggests that he is about Joey Apronika's age at the start of Samus and Joey. His aggression and desire to be a hero is also similar to Joey as a boy. Pete's relatively young age would mean that he was an infant when Joey last saw Samus at the Altar of Judgment, or not born yet, as the events at the altar and school were ten years apart.

The school and students are held hostage for ransom, leading to a standoff between the abductor and the Galactic Federation Police. The angry boy rushes at the "scoundrel" and bites him in the arm, but is kicked in the face. His bravado quickly evaporates when the assailant overpowers him and points his gun at the boy, and he screams "Damn it!" At that moment, a soldier enters the scene and uses his Field Knuckle to throw the criminal out to his death.

Unimpressed, Pete tells Joey he does not appreciate his heroism, and was planning to finish the gunman off himself. With a smirk, Joey assures him that his turn as a hero will come, before walking away.

Physical appearance[]

Pete has thick eyebrows and a messy, pompadour hairstyle. Its exact color is unknown due to the manga being in black and white. He wears a vest over a sweater, shorts and high-top shoes with rolled down socks.