Omega Ridley wearing Phazon-enhanced armorskin.

Phazon-enhanced armorskin was worn by Omega Ridley during the battle against him in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is possible that the Phazon enhancement in the armorskin serves a dual purpose; for increasing the strength of Ridley's attacks and to protect Ridley from the corrosive radiation of the Pirate Homeworld Seed. The armorskin does not protect a chest wound sustained by Ridley from a barrage of attacks by Chozo statues during his previous battle with Samus on Tallon IV, allowing her to again exploit that as his weak point. Ridley is able to generate Phazite armor on top of his skin and wound, although Samus can penetrate and destroy it with her Nova Beam. She must do this twice after he regenerates the armor before he gives up trying to protect his wound and instead makes it difficult for Samus to target him. Following his defeat and the eradication of Phazon, Ridley abandoned the armorskin and all cybernetic enhancements, choosing to return to his organic body.

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