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Phazon Armor[1] is a type of armor for the Omega Pirate, constructed from Phazon. The armor serves as the Pirate's main weak point during the battle with it, as there are weaknesses in it in the shoulder and knee areas. To destroy the Pirate, Samus is required to attack each of the joints until all four are destroyed.

The most effective weapons that Samus can use are Super Missiles, although the knee armor is more resistant to them than the shoulder armor. Rolling through its legs in the PAL and Wii versions of Metroid Prime and laying a Power Bomb can instantly destroy all or most of the plates. The Omega Pirate will use its energy-siphon system to absorb any shots Samus fires from time to time.

After all four armor plates have been destroyed, the Omega Pirate will enter Phazon deposits scattered around the room to regenerate the armor; its heart can be attacked during this time. Unless she is very quick, Samus will not be able to kill the Omega Pirate before its armor is completely regenerated. This process must be repeated until the Omega Pirate, defeated, collapses atop Samus and corrupts her Power Suit into the Phazon Suit before exploding.

The Omega Pirate's Phazon Armor may have been a precursor to Phazite.


"The Omega Pirate has Phazon Armor on its knees and shoulders. Use the Plasma Beam or Super Missiles to blast the armor until it disappears. When the pirate sends out a ground quake, double jump over it and fire away. If it pulls its arm back, jump away or it will swipe you with a large claw."

"After you destroy the Phazon Armor, the Omega Pirate will vanish. Use the X-Ray Scanner to locate the cloaked beast, then blast it in the heart with Super Missiles or the Plasma Beam."


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