One of those large harvester units was spotted in this section. Some of the pilots were trying to take it out with a bombing run just for kicks. Sounds like fun to me.

Federation Marine in Landing Site Charlie

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Phazon Harvester Drones were created by the Space Pirates exclusively for collecting Phazon. They originated as Goliath-class heavy assault drones and were later converted by the Pirates. They are heavily armored; their anti-air weapon system is vulnerable to an overload, but hitting that area with weapons fire would only stun it. Samus Aran's Gunship can destroy it, but only after the planet's defense system generator is shut down. Killing the Harvester Drone earns Samus a Friend Voucher, "Harvester Destroyed". This drone is extremely durable and can be a nuisance to Samus, as it fires at the bridges she uses to get through Phazon Harvesting.

Its appearance vaguely resembles the Metroid Prime.

Logbook entry[]


Phazon Harvester Drone

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Mechanoid: Phazon Harvester Drone
Anti-air system cannot be destroyed, but overloading it will stun the drone.

Logbook entry

Man-portable weaponry cannot penetrate the thick hull of the Phazon Harvester. The anti-air weapon system is vulnerable but overloading it with weapon fire will only disable the drone temporarily. The pirates converted several Goliath-class heavy assault drones into Phazon-collecting units. The drone can use its Harvesting Beam Cannon for defense, and is equipped with an anti-aircraft missile defense system.


  • When Samus has disabled the defense system and killed the Leviathan and then returns to Phazon Harvesting, she must first kill several Phaazoids in the room, exit two rooms and then return before the drone returns and can be destroyed.