Phazon Mine Entry is a room in the Pirate Mines on the Pirate Homeworld. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The room is a corridor with a small chamber in between, blocked by two Phazite walls. Samus must deactivate them by destroying the locks with the Nova Beam to be able to reach a Missile Expansion. The alcove also contains a Space Pirate Data entry and growing Phazon grass.

Connecting roomsEdit


Nathan Purkeypile render Pirate Homeworld Phazon Mine Entry

Nathan Purkeypile


Missile Expansion
This item lies behind the two Phazite doors, in an alcove of its own.


Phazite door
"Door is locked shut. Phazite plating is covering the lock release switches."
Phazite wall
"Wall is composed of Phazite. Advanced visor tech could be used to detect any objects behind it."
Bryyo Falls
"Command has received disturbing reports from Bryyo. Contact with our outpost there has been terminated. A coded bliptrans showing Commander Rundas falling in battle to Samus has arrived. Worst of all, the Bryyonian Seed has been demolished. The Hunter's might is great, and she is as efficient as ever when it comes to disrupting our operations.
Our spies within the Federation tell us she travels to Elysia soon. We plan on having an appropriate welcoming party in place for her when she arrives. Commander Ghor is a very...accommodating host."


  • Curiously, if Samus deactivates one Phazite wall, the other cannot be deactivated.
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