The Phazon Mines are the far southeast area of Tallon IV, located south of the Tallon Overworld and southeast of the Magmoor Caverns. The Mines are the core of all Space Pirate activity on Tallon IV. As the name suggests, the Phazon Mines was created by the Pirates to mine Phazon, a valuable energy source for them. They also had many labs within the mines and a few Metroid quarantines. The sky in this area is a hazy pink, suggesting the Pirates have heavily polluted this area.

In certain elevator shafts that lead deeper into the mines, there are windows that show where one is in relation to the actual Impact Crater. The windows show that the mines are going deeper into the crust of Tallon IV and are going very near the Impact Crater.

Areas and main rooms[]

The Phazon Mines are clearly divided into three parts, named within the game as Level One, Level Two, and Level Three.

Level One[]

The surface level mostly contains security areas and large mining machines. It is here that the Flamethrower is acquired. Several Space Pirate Bio-Imaging doors are placed here, indicating that this is the main HQ level.

Main Rooms[]

Level Two[]

Somewhat deeper; contains various labs and ventilation shafts.

Samus battles the Phazon Elite in the Mines.

Main rooms[]

Level Three[]

It is at this level where the actual mining takes place; this level is mostly dark, and the mining shafts are only lit by Phazon-dwelling mushrooms. Level 3 is also where the Omega Pirate is held, within the Elite Quarters.

Main rooms[]

Development notes[]

About half of the rooms in the Phazon Mines were built by Zoid Kirsch.[1]


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