Phazon Overload

The first Phazon Overload.

Phazon Overload is an involuntary entry of Hypermode in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This state occurs when a Space Pirate enters Hypermode and throws a Phazon grenade at Samus. She must fire to vent the excess Phazon as a warning appears in her visor, flashing "PHAZON OVERLOAD". She can also enter Phazon Overload by having the Phazon bar fill up to full under regular Corrupted Hypermode, though her visor will not flash any warnings. In both cases, this causes Phazon tentacles appear in the sides of her visor, while alarms blare inside her suit.

If Samus successfully vents the Phazon, the tentacles will disappear and her visor will no longer flash the warning, while the bar will drop to half-full regardless of how much Phazon was vented. However, she will still be in Corrupted Hypermode, and must continue to vent if she wants to avoid Terminal Corruption.

If using the Morph Ball, no Phazon tentacles will be displayed, and the screen will flash white upon Terminal Corruption, as opposed to the colors fading away to blue and black.


  • Interestingly, when Samus first has her first Phazon Overload in Corrupted Pool, she seems to be unstable in movement as she expels Phazon. This does not happen if another overload occurs, and may be a result of her being caught off-guard.
  • Also, if Samus is forced under Hypermode by a Phazon Grenade, then she will not lose one full Energy Tank from venting; rather, she will only lose a few units of Energy from the grenade hitting the Power Suit.
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