The Phazon Pit is a room in the Sky Temple Grounds area of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

It is a small tunnel with two ledges facing each other, with a Grapple Point for swinging across. Below the Grapple Point is a pit of Phazon (from which the room's name originates) which a Dark Tallon Metroid emerges from.

The Aether equivalent of this room is Sacred Bridge.

Connecting roomsEdit


1 Dark Tallon Metroid
"Morphology: Dark Tallon Metroid
Darkling-possessed energy parasite.
Symbiote makes target stronger in battle. Vulnerable to concussive blasts. Dislikes bright light."


Grapple Point (before obtaining Grapple Beam)
"Object scan complete.
Analysis indicates a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam.
Grapple Beam module missing. Unable to attach to grapple at this time."
Grapple Point
"System: Grapple Point
Unit is a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam.
To use the Grapple Beam, use L when the Grapple Point symbol icon appears."
"Element: Phazon
Volatile ore with biomutagenic properties.
Origin point of Phazon unknown. First detection of element on planet Tallon IV. Used by Space Pirates to produce vast levels of energy."


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