A Phazon Shriekbat is a Phazon version of the common Shriekbat. They are found on the G.F.S. Valhalla. Their bodies resemble the "closed loop" body form of the Urtragian and Aetherian Shriekbats, but their wings are withered to the point of apparent uselessness, and their twin tails are conjoined and extremely elongated, with protrusions that may be legs or spikes. Phazon Shriekbats detonate with a small Phazon shockwave, but are otherwise identical in behavior to their cousins.

They are only found in the room Hangar A Access.

Logbook entryEdit


Phazon Shriekbat

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Phazon Shriekbat
Aggressive ceiling dweller that dive-bombs approaching organisms.

Logbook entry

Even more aggressive than normal species, Phazon Shriekbats will not hesitate to attack any creature that wanders too close. Their dive-bomb attack erupts in a burst of Phazon energy, which usually proves fatal to weaker organisms. These Shriekbats are mainly found in areas with high amounts of Phazon. Instead of the usual insects and small creatures Shriekbats usually feed on, they have come to rely on Phazon as a food source.