Phazon Strain Vertigo (also known as Vertigo Phazon and Mutation strain 776-V) is a compound of Phazon which was discovered by the Space Pirate research team Sclera. When the Space Pirates were working on Project Helix, they had limited success until team Sclera made a breakthrough with Vertigo Phazon. Instead of fusing Space Pirates with normal Phazon, they began fusing themselves with Vertigo Phazon. As a result, the success rate for creating Elite Pirates greatly increased.

Whether Vertigo Phazon was used by Space Pirates in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is unknown.


Elite Research

"Initial Project Helix experiments with Space Pirate embryos were disastrous. The Phazon-infusion process degenerated brain tissue even as it augmented muscle mass. None of what we have termed 'Elite Pirates' lived to maturity: the few that survived their infanthood suffered severe psychotic breakdowns as juveniles, killing anything within their zone of perception. Research from team Sclera made a recent breakthrough, in which parasite studies with a Phazon strain code-named 'Vertigo' were highly successful. Since then, we have fused Vertigo Phazon with Space Pirate DNA with great success. The latest batch of Elite Pirates have reached maturity successfully and are ready for field testing and training."

Research Lab Aether

"Metroids infused with Phazon Strain Vertigo are thriving. We feel they could be Class I Energy Harvesters if proper submission measures are employed."
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