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Samus absorbing Dark Samus' spent Phazon energy and returning fire.

Phazon bullets[1] are a form of "ammunition" created from spent Phazon energy. At the end of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Samus Aran is confronted by Dark Samus for the final time, and the two Samuses do battle. Halfway through the fight, Dark Samus begins to periodically rise into the air, forming a shield of Phazon energy around her. After a few seconds, the shield will shrink and expand, and Phazon bullets (excess Phazon) will begin to rain on Samus. To defeat Dark Samus, the real Samus must exploit her dark doppelgänger's weakness of Phazon overload by absorbing the bullets into the Charge Beam and firing them back at her. Phazon bullet fire acts similar to the Phazon Beam or Hyper Beam.

Phazon bullets

A maximum of three bullets can be absorbed, although absorbing more does not increase the strength of the shot. It should be noted that bullets which are not caught can still hit Samus and cause her to lose the charge. Any of the Beams Samus possesses will work, so she can shoot Phazon-charged blasts of the Power, Dark, Light, or Annihilator Beams. This grants no particular benefit, although no Beam Ammo is used while firing back Phazon bullets.

Strangely, when this shot is used outside of the fight (via hacking), it can open any door (with the exception of the Multi-Lock Blast Shields, due to their unique opening mechanism), break any destructible object, and does extensive damage to bosses. It is likely that it was used as a play testing tool, which grants it such functions.[2]


"After you blast away some of Dark Samus's health, she will assume a different form. Lock on to her while she floats in the air, and move side to side to avoid the projectiles. Keep your Charge Beam going at all times - your evil twin will occasionally fire Phazon bullets that you can absorb and shoot back at her. Repeat the process until she goes down."


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