Tallon Overworld Screenshot (55)

Ruptured crates at the edge of the Frigate Crash Site.

Phazon crates are special, indestructible containers created by the Space Pirates to store Phazon. Samus comes across several of them, unopened, in the Emergency Evacuation Area of the Frigate Orpheon. Scanning them reveals that they contain batches of Phazon for experimentation and gives them numbers, while also revealing that they were destined for Deck beta for the Pirates abandoned the ship, six hours prior to Samus' arrival. Most of the crates are presumed destroyed when the ship crashes onto Tallon IV. The crates are a precursor to Heavy Phazon Canisters.

However, when Samus accesses the Frigate Crash Site in the Tallon Overworld, she will come across two of these crates, which have been ruptured and are now leaking highly toxic Phazon. This is Samus' first encounter with the substance before she enters the Phazon Mines. Interestingly, Samus' Threat Assessment will rise if she stands near the leaking Phazon, which does not normally happen when she is in close proximity to the toxic substance.


Emergency Evacuation Area
"Biohazardous materials. Phazon Batch 0009.A*. Destination >> Deck Beta
Frigate Crash Site
"This crate appears to be the same type of container found on the Space Pirate research frigate. The material seeping out from the ruptured metal is highly toxic. Analysis indicates this may be the 'Phazon' compound the Space Pirates were using in their biological experiments."

*There are three other crates in the room with different numbers; 0142.A and 0073.A.

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