Elysian Leviathan Core

Phazon crystals are a durable substance that occasionally forms in areas with high Phazon concentrations. They can only be destroyed with Hyper Missiles. The Phazon in these crystals takes on a sharp form and light blue shade, with a purplish hue towards its base. The base itself appears to be a fleshy purple mass from which the crystals grow. Hyper Grapple blockers have several Phazon crystals growing out of their mass.

The first time these crystals are seen is in the Elysian Leviathan Core in Elysia Seed and must be destroyed to summon the Phazon Core. On the Pirate Homeworld, they appear in Creche Transit. They also appear in abundance on the planet Phaaze.

Mogenar generates Phazon Crystals around its feet for additional protection after the first of its energy orbs has been destroyed. This limits Mogenar's range of attacks to only a ramming dive and its shockwave jump. The crystals can be destroyed with Bombs.


"Phazon crystals are durable but could probably be destroyed by a Phazon-based explosive blast."
Phaaze Landing Site
"Crystallized Phazon has hardened over time but appears vulnerable to explosive blasts."
"Phazon Crystals are powering a protective barrier. An explosion near his feet could probably destroy them."