Due to critical levels of internal Phazon corruption, the emergency vent override has been triggered by the PED Suit. All acquired Energy Tanks have been vented to temporarily prevent total corruption. Hypermode weapons no longer require the extinguishing of an Energy Tank to use. You are now permanently in Hypermode. Unfortunately, this vent override can no longer be used. Damage, as well as exposure to Phaaze's atmosphere, will continue to raise your Phazon level. Your Phazon level is shown as a yellow bar at the top of the HUD. If your Phazon level fills completely, you will die.

—Message prompt upon arriving at Phaaze

Samus fighting Aurora Unit 313; the yellow bar at the top represents her Phazon level.

When Samus Aran lands on Phaaze at the end of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, her Phazon corruption, already at 75%, will begin to dangerously increase. She is forced to use her one-time use Auto Vent on her PED Suit, which vents all of the Energy Tanks she has collected and replaces her Energy Meter with a yellow Phazon level bar.

Left in permanent Hypermode, Samus will gradually grow more and more corrupted with exposure to Phaaze's atmosphere, as well as damage from attacks. She can drain energy on her way to Dark Samus by collecting Anti-Phazon Units, allowing Phazon Puffers to absorb her corruption, and using the Hyper Grapple to expel corruption into an enemy. If the level fills completely, Samus dies of terminal corruption, and an alternate Game Over is shown, with her appearing to turn into another Dark Samus (though this may be a metaphor for Samus falling under her doppelganger's control rather than literally turning into her). When close to being maximized, the bar will flash red.

The level flashes when almost maxed.

In this mode, Samus has access to her Visors, and the monochrome color scheme present in Hypermode before is now gone. The Phazon level bar is also now yellow instead of white. However, she cannot access her Gunship, as the corruption has apparently altered her DNA to the point where her ship fails to recognize her.