Thardus is a being of Phazon ore.

Phazon ore is a raw, unprocessed form of Phazon used by the Space Pirates in the Prime Series. Various report panels describe how the substance is highly durable and useful for their operations in the Glacier One facility in the Phendrana Drifts. It exhibits a shell similar to rock that acts like armour.

Project Titan was created completely from Phazon ore that had somehow gained sentience.

Related scans[edit | edit source]

Ore Processing

Map Station (Phendrana Drifts)[edit | edit source]

"Phazon ore appears to bind through Phazon energy. Thermal imaging is required to detect the highest concentration of radioactivity, which serves to bind the stones together. Imaging research is being conducted in the Containment Vault area of the facility."
"Phazon ore is extremely durable and blast-resistant. Although the armor-like qualities of this shell provide ample protection, Thermal Imaging can be used to detect weak areas in the casing. Improvements must be made to this shell in the event that these weaknesses are found by aggressors."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It may be that the Phazon crystal-like rocks found in several areas may be Phazon ore. This is especially supported by the fact that one of these rocks is found in a room called Ore Processing.
  • The rock located above the Phazon Elite's former location in Elite Research does not harm Samus.
  • The Research entry of Dark Aether also says that it "Contains high levels of Phazon ore". This is the result of Aether's Leviathan teleporting into the dark planet at the moment of impact with the former.
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