Phazon Tendril
Nathan Purkeypile render Phaaze Cavern Alpha

Nathan Purkeypile

Phazon tendrils are apparently carnivorous Phazon-based organisms encountered only in Cavern Alpha on Phaaze, where they have completely infested a small cave. Little is known about their physiology or behavior, except that they will attempt to ensnare passing creatures (but cannot find purchase on smooth surfaces). If Samus Aran comes into contact with the tendrils while in bipedal form, they will immobilize her, briefly interfere with her Combat Visor, and cause her internal Phazon level to increase, although they will permit the Morph Ball to pass untouched. It is possible that the individual tendrils are in fact part of a much larger organism, similar to other Phaaze-native creatures such as the maw. Their general shape and apparent ecological niche are similar to the Tangle Vines of Zebes.


"Phazon tendrils will tangle around anything that gets too close, but can't grab smooth surfaces."