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Phendrana Drifts is one of the six tables in Metroid Prime Pinball. This is one of the two selectable stages from either Tallon Overworld or the Pirate Frigate after activating all the objects in either stage. It is also selectable from the Phazon Mines after defeating the Omega Pirate. This stage features two sections, the upper one in the top screen contains Thardus, while the bottom one contains two regenerating Triclops. A pair of secondary flippers seperates the two areas from each other. The point of the stage is to defeat Thardus for a Chozo Artifact; Samus also obtains the Power Bomb on this stage. If she returns to this stage a second time after defeating Thardus the first time, she will receive another Artifact, unless she already has all the Artifacts, in which case she will recieve a Special Token.

Remixes of the Phendrana Drifts and Thardus battle themes in Metroid Prime play on this table.

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