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Unused model associated with Dark Phlogus scan entry.

A Phlogus is (presumably) a creature on Aether. None are encountered in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, although its Darkling counterpart is seen twice.

Evidence suggests that a light Phlogus was planned for inclusion in the game at some point. Two Logbook models are associated with the scan file of the Dark Phlogus: the normal Dark Phlogus, and an untextured model with more spikes. The text associated with this scan only refers to it as "Phlogus" without any indication of it being a Darkling. Additionally, the text file containing the titles of Logbook entries has entries for both Phlogus and Dark Phlogus, though the Phlogus title is never used. Finally, the animation data for the Dark Phlogus is configured for two variants, one titled "PuddleSpore" and one titled "Dark PuddleSpore". While the model associated with the "Dark PuddleSpore" configuration is the Dark Phlogus model, the "PuddleSpore" configuration refers to a model that doesn't exist in the game's files. Although the reason for the Phlogus' removal is unknown, it may have been because it was too similar to the dark version, or because there was no suitable location for it.

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