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Ian Malkovich

The Photograph of Ian and Samus (イアンとサムスの写真?)[1] is a photograph taken by Anthony Higgs that is seen sitting on Commander Adam Malkovich's desk in flashbacks in Metroid: Other M. It depicts Ian Malkovich posing with an awkward Samus Aran, who is not used to having her photo taken, with Adam in the background holding a document and glancing in their direction with derision.

Following the death of both Malkovich brothers, the photograph's current location is unknown.

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"This is a photograph Anthony took. Calling out in response, Ian casually puts his arm around Samus' shoulder. Samus, having never experienced this, is confused and irritated when he does this to her. Ian doesn't notice and thanks her for the picture.
Simultaneously, Adam is behind them and in the middle of looking over some documents. He notices them and thinks, 'What are they doing?' as he turns in their direction (he doesn't think they're taking a picture)."



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