Phrygis is mentioned in the Galactic Federation Data entry "Hunter Rundas".

Phrygis is a moon of planet Bes III and the homeworld of the Phrygisians. Phrygisians are able to manipulate and generate ice and created the Phrygisian-Class Gunship. The Bounty Hunter Rundas is from Phrygis, which is "best known for ice mining."

Logbook entryEdit

Hunter Rundas (Galactic Federation Data)

Logbook entry

Subject is a native of Phrygis, a moon of Bes III known primarily for ice mining. The Phrygisian ability to manipulate and generate ice has come in handy in subject’s career as a Bounty Hunter. Intel suggests that he enjoys hunting, to the point where he keeps trophies from all of the targets he's successfully captured or killed in his career. Subject is proud, cocky, and arrogant, and considers himself without rivals in his field.

Hunter Rundas

Logbook entry

Rundas is capable of generating and manipulating ice. This trait is common among inhabitants of the moon Phrygis, but Rundas is one of the few who have used this ability for bounty hunting. Subject is known for getting results, but considers himself without peer. His arrogant demeanor has led him to mainly seek solo missions, and he rarely works well with others.


  • Phrygis's name may be derived from the word frigid, which means very cold. This name connects to the fact that Phrygis is a very cold place, and is known mainly for ice mining.
  • Phrygis may also be derived from the ancient Turkish kingdom of Phrygia.
    • In Greek mythology, Phrygia was the seat of many legendary hero-kings including Midas, whose ability to generate gold resulted in him freezing his subjects and family much like Rundas.
    • Also, Phrygians, one of the lost plays of Greek playwright Aeschylus, seems to have dealt with the death of the Trojan hero Hector. Hector was killed and defiled by his invincible enemy Achilles, but was later reclaimed and put to rest; this may be seen as a loose allegory for Rundas's corruption and defeat.
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