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Phrygisians are the native race of the moon Phrygis orbiting the planet Bes III. They are similar to the Vhozon, in so far as they can also manipulate ice, and are similar in appearance. They can manipulate ice for a variety of effects including firing shots and missiles, creating spires and towers, generating ice armor, firing ice beams, and using it as a method of flight by creating a series of ice slides. Rundas is a notable Phrygisian who utilizes his abilities for bounty hunting. Assuming all Phrygisians look similar, based on the appearance of Rundas they have long limbs that end in three claws. Their heads are an oval shape and two small dots resembling eyes can be seen. They have small torsos with their long legs ending in flat feet.

Real-World Etymology[edit | edit source]

Their name may be a tribute to the word "phrygia" which was an ancient Greek city as well as the "phrygian mode" which is a common scale used frequently by classical composers. The phyrigian mode was used for some of the music of Super Metroid (the theme for Lower Norfair begins its motif in C Phrygian, continues to play the same motif in D# Phrygian, F# Phrygian, and A Phrygian, the key in which the rest of the piece is set (this theme is later used in the Magmoor Caverns in Metroid Prime). Additionally, the solemn piano/choir/flute theme heard in Brinstar is in D# Phrygian (alternating between the D# minor and E major chords).

Additional sources of the name may be in reference to the extinct Phrygian language, or a pun on the word "frigid", meaning cold, a reference to the Phrygisians' ice-based abilities.

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