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The "pink shaft" is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Super Metroid.


The pink shaft is one of the largest rooms in Brinstar, and perhaps the entire game. It connects to multiple other areas of Brinstar, including the "Red Soil" and green jungle regions. Flakes of an unknown material fall indefinitely in this room, as they do in other "pink" Brinstar rooms. Multiple ledges formed out of the natural pink soil are found, outstretched from walls on either side. The pink shaft is first entered from a door near the top. Immediately above this is a ledge with an Air Hole that spawns Zebs indefinitely. This leads to a series of steps in the right wall, leading up to another walkway, another pair of ledges, and another walkway with another Air Hole spawning Zebs. To the left is a ledge on the wall with a Bomb Block at its base. Behind this block is a door to a Save Room. Adjacent to this is an exit into the room that precedes Spore Spawn.

When Samus has the Super Missiles in hand, she can return via the "pipeworks" into this room. From there she exits into a small alcove with a Super Missile Block in front of a tunnel leading back into the shaft. If Samus obtains the Super Missiles early via Sequence Breaking, she can carefully fire a Super Missile into the tunnel. If she is lucky, the Missile will destroy the block, allowing her to collect Spore Spawn's Super Missiles without fighting the creature at all.

Directly under the entrance walkway is a line of Grapple Points, which can be used when Samus has the Grappling Beam to reach a Missile Tank. Alternatively, Samus can Wall Jump up the outstretched wall in front of the expansion. Should Samus fall, she will fall into a "pit" below that she must Wall Jump out of via a thin wall on the right. Under the tank is a wall that can be destroyed with a Power Bomb. Samus can then jump into a wall to enter an invisible open door to another room with a Power Bomb Tank.

As she drops to the base of the shaft, Samus will find another Missile Tank on the lower left and a large square-shaped wall to her right. She can lay Bombs at the base of this wall and roll into the gap to drop down to a chamber with a Chozo Statue. The statue holds the Charge Beam. Returning here after the Power Bombs, Samus can detonate one to destroy a block in the pipe under the statue, allowing her to enter it. This leads into a passage behind the statue that ends with a door into a room with another Energy Tank.

Connecting rooms[]



SM Brinstar Missile Tank 4.gif
Charge Beam
At the base of the room.
Missile Tank 1
Requires Grappling Beam or Wall Jump. In the middle of the room, there is an outstretched section of wall. Samus must grapple across to it or Wall Jump up the wall to get to the tank.
Missile Tank 2
Next to the large blockade near the bottom of the room, beside the wall on the left.


Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Use the Grappling Beam to swing yourself over to the left in this area. If you are proficient at the Wall Jump, you can try it here. Swing back and forth until you have enough speed to make the leap."
Entrance note
"You can blow away this barrier by laying down a single bomb."
Pink Brinstar Power Bomb Room exit note
"You don't have to bomb through this wall. It's already open."
Exit blockage note
"Regular Bombs will get you down into and up out of this area."
Chozo Statue note
"Lay down a Power Bomb to blow the end cap off of this horizontal pipe."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"Power bomb the Chozo to reveal a hidden chamber bearing priceless energy..."
"Another special item for your collection. Here you'll find the charge beam - an excellent device which basically charges up your weapons.."
1. SWING ACROSS (pg. 34)
"You'll need the grappling beam to swing yourself across this chasm."
2. DROP DOWN (pg. 35)
"You can drop through here as it's a disguised passageway."
4. USE THE BOMB (pg. 35)
"Use a bomb to get past the rubble blocking your path in the narrow passage."